HOW TO ORDER - Bump keys, bump key sets, bump key kits, master keys, locksmith clothing and locksmith tools

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This section is for anyone that may struggle with our ordering system, its not as straight forward as a normal pay pal ordering system for some reason as the standard version was not compatible with our software. If you are struggling to order at all, click the link below for a step by step guide. If you still can not order just drop us an email on Please note for all orders we now have a minimum spend of £10, the system will not allow an order to be processed if the total does not reach the ten pound minimum.

To order simply click on the image of the item to add it to your cart and then continue adding items until you have finished. Click the checkout button and fill in the delivery page, then make your payment. We only ship to confirmed pay pal addresses, if your address is not a confirmed pay pal address we will be unable to ship to you.

If there is anything you would like to order from the website that you cannot seem to be able to order, please contact us via email. Sometimes we make an item un-clickable to stop people automatically ordering an item if we only have one or two of an item left, this avoids upset of not getting an item you thought you had ordered.

Should you wish to return a faulty item if this should ever occur, please again email us to get a returns number prior to returning the item.

Please also note shipping within the uk is free with a minimum order of ten pounds, all items are shipped within the uk first class recorded. We only ship within the uk, anyone ordering from outside the uk will have their order cancelled and refunded.

We aim to have your orders shipped the same day or next day, first class recorded to make sure you get your products as soon as possible. Should there ever be a problem with an order we will contact you via email.

If an item should go out of stock and you have ordered it, we will contact you and inform you of this problem. We will also refund you for this item and then contact you when it is back in stock in case you wish to re order the item.

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